When did God get demoted?

Dear Mr. Newell,

As a 20-plus year resident of Lake Orion, I have enjoyed the Lake Orion Review for many years UNTIL this week’s issue where you write about a fire at the Caruso Chiropractic Clinic. (“Cigarette butt starts fire outside Caruso Chiropractic office”, July 15, Lake Orion Review, page 13.)

When did God get demoted to lower case? Sorry uncaring smokers tossed a lit cigarette in the direction of the clinic, causing so much damage to the clinic requiring the several day closure of the clinic. However, GOD is to be thanked for no injuries or major damage.

Thank you for listening.

Grace Mather

Lake Orion

Dear Ms. Mather,

You are correct. In the sentence, “Thank god no one was injured”, God should have been capitalized.

Hopefully, God will not hold a grudge against me for the blunder.

Thank you for writing. It is appreciated.

Jim Newell

Lake Orion Review


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  1. Lori Lynch   July 29, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    Maybe they meant Zeus, Thor or Ra, in which case, god would be lowercase, due to the common form of the noun.


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