What’s going on with Village of Lake Orion government?

Remember the movie “The Music Man” and the song “Ya Got Trouble in River City”, well it reminded me of our village!
Lake Orion Police Chief Harold Rossman retired May 1, 2023. As I write this on Nov. 22, 2023, I’m not aware that a replacement has been hired. That’s over 200 days from Rossman’s retirement.
Over a month ago police department staff came to council asking for action; it’s the manager’s job to recommend a replacement (police chief). Two additional officers have, or are considering, leaving the department.
Early in 2023, the village treasurer leaves the village for another opportunity.
The long-serving village clerk has decided to retire in January of 2024.
The executive director of the DDA has decided to leave her position after successfully navigating significant successes for the DDA.
The much-anticipated grant to assist in the sewer (replacement project) hasn’t been mentioned in several months. Where does it stand?
The sidewalk condition has been a subject for years, yet we’ve seen little “concrete” action.
Now I understand that the village and the DDA, as of Nov. 17, are pressing on with their suit regarding the Nov. 7 election. Why, when the results of the election are what they wanted?
Now you can understand my reference to “The Music Man.”

Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

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