What will it take for Orion Township and the road commission to fix Heights Road? A tragedy?

Enough senseless non-comital talk from Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett and the Road Commission for Oakland County.

They say maybe 2025, or if a SAD is payed for by township residents who live on Heights Road. What? Its all double talk because they can’t say yes or no.

Why not yes now?

We pay huge township taxes to live on Lake Orion and big repair bills to fix our vehicles due to the failure of the township and the road commission to do something for us taxpayers.

Will it really take running over a child while trying to avoid holes every foot and multiple numerous continuous patch humps in Heights Road that hasn’t been resurfaced since the 70’s?

Really! Isn’t a child’s life worth more than that?

Do we really need a citizen’s revolt before a bicyclist or walker of any age gets killed or a car is totaled due to lack of responsible action by the township supervisor or the road commission?

Do we need to get Lansing involved if Barnett and the road commission can’t get it done now?

WE need some responsible answers from them NOW before there is a tragedy or another accident !!!

Fred Fleming

A 49 year resident of Orion Township


One Response to "What will it take for Orion Township and the road commission to fix Heights Road? A tragedy?"

  1. John Harry Enright   March 25, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Fred, Chris Barnett is too busy getting his award to deal with you or me. Its been a hot potato for years. No one answers for it and no one has to. We are not deserving of a real answer. I’ve asked Joe Young ,Jerry Narsh, Chris Barnett and the former DPW director Jeremy and was only given an honest answer by one of them. ” They are’nt going to fix it”


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