What I accept about Jesus

In my teachings, I have learned that the bible is full of stories, parables and allegories, from ages and ages ago to expand our knowledge even more, there are books, videos, movies and lessons.

All of these are presented to us as spiritual tools and each of us can decide what we will accept as truth in our life.

In Christianity the most popular man of the bible is Jesus. Many people pray for Jesus to help them change their lives, change their circumstances or to heal. (I, too, did this many years ago.)

As a young child learning about Jesus’ life, I held a very vivid picture in my mind of Jesus hanging on a cross. It is such a sad, awful story with a very daunting effect on a child.

Now, so many years after trying to sort that awfulness out in my mind, I hold a different picture and a new Truth: Jesus rose from the dead. He continues to live through our understanding. God was made flesh through the life of Jesus. He taught us how to pray, He came to show us the way, He lead by example with a life where he consciously chose to connect with God the Father.

Plus, he left us stories through others on how to make that same connection with God. Those stories can help us master a better life for ourselves.

Note: I believe and practice that the stories of Jesus do not stop with the last book of the bible, there is more. In Unity we use the bible as our basic text and we share the stories with a metaphysical understanding. We know Jesus came to show us the way. To be saved, we need to take action, be responsible and change ourselves and that improves our lives. We do this by changing our thoughts, replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, by doing good deeds and by creating a life that improves the lives of others. And, we do this, as Jesus taught us; we go into the silence through prayer and meditation looking for positive answers and solutions.

Jesus was a great teacher. In John 4:6 He said; “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” To me this means: Follow me, I will show you the way back to God and this is truth, follow me.

If we choose to accept this way of life, we may have some work to do. Jesus showed us what to do. For hundreds of years people have waited and prayed to be saved. As of yet, no hands have come down from the heavens to save us or change our lives. Stop waiting! Use this as your proof that the work is yours and mine to do. We change our lives and our world through the stories of Jesus.

Metaphysically speaking, Jesus represents the connection from our thinking brains to our connection with God. I believe Jesus was the example for how we are to live our life. We are saved when we accept that truth and follow those teachings.

It is God’s pleasure to give us the kingdom. Let us enjoy it by celebrating what Jesus really gave us: the knowledge of how to rise up into a better state of being.

Be blessed,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website, aspiritualwalk.com, for more uplifting insights.


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