We need better traffic control on Baldwin Road

I am reaching out for any help anyone can suggest as to the dangerous flow of traffic on Baldwin Road near Baldwin Court.

A few days ago, my neighbor was waiting for oncoming traffic to clear in order to make a left turn off Baldwin Road onto Baldwin Court when he was rear-ended, pushed into oncoming traffic (northbound) and into a ditch!

The traffic on Baldwin Road has gotten horrible – semi-trucks, cement trucks, delivery trucks, etc., with so many driving

way too fast.

Once school is out and weather warms up it will get even worse. Motorcycles will be racing up and down.

There needs to be some traffic control and speed enforcement for Baldwin Road in this area to make it less dangerous for the residents entering and exiting from Baldwin Court. There is no speed limit sign! Thank you,

Melanie Kelly

Orion Twp.


2 Responses to "We need better traffic control on Baldwin Road"

  1. Carolyn   March 31, 2022 at 11:33 pm

    Ha! I am 82 years old, lived on Baldwin Road, walked to Proper School down Baldwin Road, got in real trouble for riding my tricycle on Baldwin Road! Not much (traffic) speeding back then. Summertime was exciting! The tar trucks would spray Baldwin Road and the gravel trucks would follow spreading gravel over the tar! An event we could not miss! Was always told Baldwin Road would soon be 4 lanes! Should have been instead of those RoundAbouts! Good Old Days on Baldwin Road!

  2. ROY   April 13, 2022 at 3:24 pm

    Carolyn, I went thru the same yesteryear on miller road lake Orion, the gas fired TAR WAGON, the PEE GRAVEL TRUCK, then the BIG OLD LAWN ROLLER to push the p.g. into the tar .That was b4 1972 as I have the PROJECT MAP to resurface MILLER RD DATED 1972 now the road is NOTHING but PATCH HOLES and JUST PLAIN HOLES, THOSE WERE THE G.O.D.s cld OCRC to have Mariday st GRADED AGAIN took one wk for first grade then 4 days for a return grade, when the ocrc truck left it BOUNCHED like a MIXICAN JUMPING BEAN from hitting the holes that diden’t get filled and left a 4/5 foot lg 6/8 in high SPEED BUMP at Mariday an ORION.


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