Voters head to the polls on Tuesday

LOCS millages on the ballot

By Jim Newell
Managing Editor
ORION TWP. — The Presidential Primary Election in Michigan is Tuesday and voters in Orion Township will head to polls to cast ballots for president and two Lake Orion Community Schools proposed millages.
Polls open at 7 a.m. Feb. 27 and close at 8 p.m. (See below for precinct locations.)
For additional information on elections in Orion Township, visit the clerk’s page on the Orion Township website,, contact the clerk’s office at 248-693-0304 ext. 4001 or go in-person to Orion Township Hall, 2323 Joslyn Rd.
Early voting
Voters in Oxford, Orion and Addison townships will also be able to vote nine days early in-person at Orion Township Hall, 2323 Joslyn Rd. Early voting runs from Feb. 17 through Feb. 25 and is administered under the Oakland County Elections Division.
LOCS millages
When voters cast their ballots they will be asked to support two proposed replacement millages for Lake Orion Community Schools: a non-homestead millage and a sinking fund millage.
District Superintendent Ben Kirby notes that both millages are for 10 years, are currently in place and that the district is not raising the tax rate on either proposed millage.
“We’re locking in for the next decade the same rates you’re paying now. When you have the non-homestead millage and sinking fund, those are stable revenue sources that we know that we’re going to get. We don’t know how much the state is going to give us every year,” Kirby said. “What we do know is that we will get roughly $5 million a year for the sinking fund, and we know that we will get roughly $10-$11 million from our community in the non-homestead millage.”
Kirby said both millages are essential for the district and, in the case of the non-homestead millage, will help with general operating costs, while the sinking fund will help with such things as facility repairs and maintenance and school bus purchases and technology upgrades.
The non-homestead millage will provide the district approximately $10.6 million in 2024. The school district is asking voters to authorize 21 mills but, by law, can only tax up to 18 mills.
“If we don’t have that non-homestead millage in place, we can’t send the 18 mills to the state so they can’t send it back, so we don’t get the full funding,” Kirby said. “The district has been successful since 1994 in getting its non-homestead millage passed because voters understand that it is essential to the district getting its full funding from the state.”
The 10-year sinking fund replacement millage is 1.8862 mills and will provide the district about $5 million in 2024. The sinking fund can be used for construction/repair of schools, security, transportation, technology and property purchases, according to district documents.
Precinct 1: Lake Orion Community of Christ Church, 531 E. Flint St.
Precinct 2: The Village of Lake Orion, 21 E. Church St.
Precinct 3: Lake Orion Church of Christ, 1080 Hemingway Rd.
Precinct 4: Orion Township Public Library, 825 Joslyn Rd.
Precinct 5: Good Shepard Lutheran Church, 1950 S. Baldwin Rd.
Precinct 6: The River Church, 3920 S. Baldwin Rd.
Precinct 7: The DPW Garage, 2685 Joslyn Court
Precinct 8: The Orion Center, 1335 Joslyn Rd.
Precinct 9: Lake Orion Baptist Church, 255 E. Scripps Rd.
Precinct 10: St. Mary’s in the Hills Episcopal Church, 2512 Joslyn Court
Precinct 11: The Orion Center, 1335 Joslyn Rd.
Precinct 12: Lake Orion United Methodist Church, 140 E. Flint St.
Precinct 13: Mount Zion Community House, 4005 S. Baldwin Rd.
Precinct 14: King of Kings Lutheran Church, 1715 S. Lapeer Rd.
Precinct 15: Orion Township Fire Station #2, 3801 Giddings Rd.

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