Vote for Kiesel

I am writing to express my opinion about sending Donni Steele to Lansing. Donni has not earned my vote. First, she is a career politician. During her term as treasurer, she has raised long-term debt and under her watch the general fund has been depleted.
Donni purchased real estate from the township and paid herself a commission while on the township board. Although this is technically legal, it sure seems unethical to me.
The new township hall costs us $20 million dollars. We didn’t need a new township building – a new roof would have been sufficient. This was just another avenue to increase taxes, since I later learned that the different departments (i.e., water, fire, police etc.) all pay rent to the township!
And talk about revenue under the watch of Steele and others. LO is now the marijuana capital of north Oakland County. We have three wholesale plants where they grow the drug and two retail stores where it’s sold.
Finally, why in the world would Donni vote to move the counting of ballots from Orion Township to Pontiac? So much for voter integrity!
Doesn’t seem like LO is where living is a vacation anymore!

Theresa Barone
Orion Twp.

Editor’s Note: Donni Steele was first elected to the Orion Township Board of Trustees in 2012.
The Orion Township Board of Trustees, including Steele, supported a new Orion Township Municipal Complex. Various departments in the township government do pay “rent” or housing costs to the township from their respective budgets, which is a common practice in many communities and has been done in Orion Township since the government was housed in the old Township Hall.
LIV Cannabis dispensary is in the Village of Lake Orion and Orion Township board members did not vote yay or nay for the dispensary.

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  1. Just anoughter new MEMBER to the GOOD OL BOYS CLUB, stuffin THEIR pockets and emting mine.(MONEY well come to Michigan’s #1 SPEED BUMP (per OCRC). Three MAIN and ONLY reason’s to STOP in Lake Orion are #1 STOP LIGHT M-24 & W. Flint, At Water & M-24, and don’t forget the Stop Light in the middle of the village, Flint & Broadway. The ROUNDABOUT was installed TO MOVE TRAFFIC THRU L.O. NOT TO HAVE YOU STOP and SHOP for WHAT?, I don’t know, you figure it out. 6 PIZZIA JOINTS + – onr or two , 2+- BATH TUBE BEER JOINTS, every (3) gas station in the limits sells beer or liq. PLUS NEW M.J. POT HOUSE so you can injoy your chessburger frm mickey Dee’s and a dubbey at the same time. boy o boy flooting patio’s that take up 3-4 parking slots, 15min parking (hl, it takes most women/men that long to make sure they have their make up and men to have their pants zipped (UP) There is NOT enough parking for the PEOPLE that WORK & LIVE in the village much less for the rush on fri. & sat.night. Its like a cattle drive/ stamped, should have built a zilwakia bridge over Orion & Oxford

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