Vote for Kiesel for State Rep.

I’m a 30-year resident of Lake Orion and lately, living hasn’t been like a vacation. I feel that our elected officials are selling us out! It is time to hold them accountable.
Firstly, I have noticed within the past 10 years and sometime prior to that, the Orion Township Board of Trustees has approved a plethora of new construction, opened Marijuana grow facilities, called Society’s, and their support of the new LIV (cannabis) dispensary in the village has caused congestion and mayhem on our thoroughfares.
In my opinion, due to the enormous growth in township spending, it is desperate to create new ways to create revenue, hence new construction, Society’s, and LIV. I’m sure that I’m missing a lot more revenue-generating agreements.
Secondly, the current Orion Township Treasurer Donni Steele purchased property from Orion Township and as a real-estate licensee, was paid commission for the sale, while holding office. Legal, probably yes, ethically? Use your own judgement.
Thirdly, and most distressing, is the fact that Orion Township has recently sold out our voting sovereignty! On June 20, the township voted UNANIMOUSLY to contract with Oakland County to count OUR Absentee ballots! Why do we even pay our township to oversee our elections when they turn around and sell us out! Let’s get this corrected by midterms.
Often agreements are made and we are left with paying the price with our pocket books and freedoms.
Lake Orion wants a representative in Lansing that will act ethically, who will fight for our freedoms, who is patriotic, persistent, and defends election integrity.
Donni Steel, our current treasurer, is running for Michigan state rep and has not demonstrated this in my opinion.
Vote YES for Michigan State Rep. District 54.

Catherine DeMattia
Orion Twp.

Editor’s Note: Steele and her husband purchased property in the Keatington subdivision in 2016 when she was a trustee. The township board did accept an offer from the Steeles on April 5, 2016 after an ongoing bidding process. Steel recused herself from the vote to sell the property. The township attorney at the time said there was nothing illegal about the sale and Supervisor Chris Barnett said the township board did not feel that it was a conflict of interest.
LIV Cannabis dispensary is in the Village of Lake Orion and Orion Township board members did not vote yay or nay for the dispensary.

4 responses to “Vote for Kiesel for State Rep.”

  1. John, u got it right (some/ most of it right) but I have lived IN the TWSP for 87+years, a blk frm the great 1 lane round-about, ($600,000) GOB deal and it was built NOT FOR TRAFFIC SAFTEY, to MOVE TRAFFIC THRU LAKE ORION DURING GO TO WORK and GO HOME TIME PER OCRC. I have the info that OAKLAND COUNTY COUNTS Lake Orion + OXFORD as SPEED BUMPS on M-24 and ORION RD. The ONLY reasons to STOP in the VILLAGE of ORION are THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS at M-24& FLINT, M-24 & Atwater, and the CONTROL LIGHT at Broad Way and Flint in the middle of the village, from there on, it’s PEDDLE TO THE METAL, AFTER ME, YOU COME FIRST. I have spent MORE time waiting for light changes at these location then most res. of L.O. have lived here.

  2. Wake up Sandy! It seems all that needs to be done to find a platform to run on is to sully an incumbents record. Promote yourself instead. Since you are obviously anti Marijuana tell us another way of paying for “The Barnett Center” (Township Hall ). Tell us ways to keep Starbucks traffic off M-24. Which is a daily occurrence vs the one opening day at LIV.
    Its time even at a local level for people that want to be involved in politics to show what they’ve done in real life and what they want to do if elected. If all you want to do is replace someone, what do you plan on doing once there?
    I remember standing in front of my house six or seven years ago with Ms. Steele as she was campaigning and her telling me the same sorts of things you are saying ( I didn’t vote for her then and wont now) George Washington
    had no one to replace, just original ideas. Don’t be a Donni Steele be a George Washington

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