Village, please answer water bill questions

It’s “that time of the quarter” again, time to receive the dreaded water bill from the Village of Lake Orion. Once again, the monthly cost exceeds that of gas and electricity combined. One has to get used to it.
Even so there are several aspects of the quarterly bill I don’t understand, and they are quite annoying:
· WHY can’t the village bill its customers monthly, like any other utility does?
· WHY does it take 7 (seven!) days for the bill to get paid from my bank account, rather than 1 (one!) day like any other utility?
· WHY are the readings (?) of my water counter always rounded to a neat “00” number?
The village should realize that their sloppy billing practices force the residents – many of which are undoubtedly watching their home budget closely in these challenging times – to plan for large periodic bills rather than monthly, easier to budget ones; take away access to personal funds for a period that is hard to justify in this day and age; and generates mistrust with their suspicious rounding.
One has to wonder, are water counters ever actually read?
I look forward to receiving a satisfactorily, public response to my questions from the relevant authorities.
Enrico Fin
Lake Orion

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