Village Manager says no political signs allowed on village property without a permit

By Megan Kelley
Staff Writer
LAKE ORION — At Monday night’s Lake Orion Village Council meeting, Manager Darwin McClary gave a friendly reminder to residents regarding the placement of political signs.
With the November election looming, of which funding for the DDA (Downtown Development Authority) is on the ballot, political signage and ballot information has been making the rounds throughout the village.
According to McClary, the village received a complaint about DDA political signs, of which code enforcement followed up with on Monday.
McClary informed council that a member of the “Save the DDA” committee did indicate that they would be moving the signs off of public property and onto private property.
“I do want to note, as a friendly reminder to the public; no signs of any type should be installed or erected on village-owned property without proper permits,” McClary said. “You have to apply for permits if you want to put signs on public property.”
McClary added that the village does not regulate political signs on private property and that if someone is wearing a sign, they can be on sidewalks or on the village hall grounds as long as they are holding it.
“They cannot leave signs installed or unattended if they are political signs on public property,” said McClary.


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