Vacation Year Round!

The signs at the entrances to Lake Orion say it all: ‘Where Living Is A Vacation!.

Anyone who lives in this idyllic community knows firsthand that this friendly town is a quiet respite from the noise and confusion and unrest prevalent in a lot of other cities and communities.

There are many reasons why people from other communities gravitate to Lake Orion but here are just a few:

• The many safety paths that surround the various subdivisions allowing residents to walk, jog, bike or roller blade uninterrupted by automobiles.

• Whether you are a swimmer, a boater, a water skier, a fisherman or just a picnicker, you can choose from several parks with beaches.

• For canine aficionados, we have one of the best Bark Parks in the county – Orion Oaks. Fido and friends can wander and run while their masters can enjoy an interaction with others at one of the many picnic tables that dot the park. In 2019, WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit voted this park the best in the tri-county area. In that same time frame, it was voted the third best in the entire State of Michigan!

• A school system that is the envy of other districts and a high school that rivals in beauty and functionality other schools in the State. And let’s not forget the number of championship sports teams that have been recognized over the years

• Some of the best restaurants in the area including Kruse & Muir, Longhorn Steak House, Culvers, Sagebrush Cantina, G’s, and C.J’s Village Café to name just a few.

• A Panera Bread restaurant that in the short time it has been located here has become a gathering place and almost a community center for people who enjoy tasty bakery items, great sandwiches and salads, and a talented staff that is friendly and professional

• Canterbury Village with its various shops, restaurants, and of course year round Christmas item shopping and lots of activities such as the popular Michigan Rib Fest and the Taco Fest.

• Bald Mountain State Park where swimmers and picnickers, canoers and bikers and kayakers and sightseers can congregate on a warm summer day and unwind

• A library that attracts hundreds of people every day and seems to be a magnet for all the bookworms and information seekers in the community. The parking lot is always filled representing people who understand that this is one of the jewels of our town

• The Polly Ann Trail that connects several towns in the area. It is open year round and is a favorite place for bikers and runners and walkers and even horse back riders. And the Orion Center always sponsors a couple of races on the trail which are very popular.

• Whether you are a swimmer, a boater, a water skier, a fisherman or just a picnicker, you can choose from several parks with beaches. And just last week, Orion Township was named one of three locations in the State as the 2020 Pure Michigan Trail Town by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources! It is a solid confirmation of the beauty of the trails in our Township and the multiple uses for residents and guests!

I’m certain that I have omitted several other attractions and readers of The Lake Orion Review will also have their favorites I’m sure.

One final note. Having moved from Grosse Pointe where we interacted with Skipper and Muffy, it was more refreshing here making friends with Bubba and Cooter – real life people with no phoniness and pretentiousness — just down to earth people!

So don’t pack your bags for a vacation in Florida or other places in Michigan while everything you need for a restful time is right here in our own community!

Bill Kalmar

Orion Twp.


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