Too many dogs

I am a dog lover. My family has been the family for numerous dogs over the years. That said…

What is the deal with so many dogs in businesses?

I’ve seen dogs in a number of businesses in Lake Orion and Orion Township; the home improvement stores, grocery, drug stores and even restaurants.

I for one do not appreciate strange dogs, licking my hand, sniffing me, shedding, barking and frankly just being dogs. My opinion is that dogs are pets, they have no place walking around in businesses.

We were at lunch today, there was outdoor and indoor dining. A man with a dog walked past open outdoor tables and went to an indoor table. His dog was leashed (thankfully) and was eating food that was on the food from prior patrons, licking chair legs, and getting attention from the wait staff.

First of all, poor dog, hope whatever he ate agrees with him; second – ooh yuck, dog hair in my food, dog saliva on the chair and wait staff. Disgusting.

Businesses, ESPECIALLY businesses that serve and sell food and allow dogs inside will no longer get my business.

Lake Orion Village and Orion Township leaders need to consider ordinances that keep business owners, patrons and pets safe from financial and physical harm.

Of course it would be better if pet owners were respectful of others and kept their pets at home; get carry-out and take it to the dog park.

Pat Mueller



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