Tomorrow isn’t long enough to put things off

If you’re like me, and I don’t think I’m an oddity, you didn’t get your plow or blower ready for winter until you awoke to inches of snow.
And, of course, the winds were whipping at 86-miles an hour, the temperature was 11 below, you couldn’t find your winter boots or gloves and you had to get to the gas station because you forgot to fill your portable tanks.
The same thing happened last year, and the year before and the year before that, etc.
It isn’t because we didn’t think of it. In fact, we thought of it a lot, it’s just that there were more important things to do . . . a game to watch, fingernails to clean, a pot to boil, admire a cloud formation and an ashtray to empty in our no-smoking home.
In my case I had to detach a mower from my John Deere and attach a blower. Of course I don’t remember how I hooked it up last year. That was long ago . . . before the game, nails, pot and clouds.
So, first we have to find the removal/installation directions. They are going to be in the same drawer we put all the other directions, like to the coffee maker, cell phone, VCR, candle lighting, nose blowing, rash curers, vacuum, never used exercise machine and outboard motor I sold 30 years ago, to name a few.
It’s not there! Start without it. Fail! More snow fell and the temperature dropped some more before I found the instructions lying on a shelf in the garage.
Fingers were freezing when I started wondering how a person could get so angry at themself.
Naturally, we were too busy to put the outdoor Christmas decorations up on the warm days of late November, but had time in later freezing days.
This sequence of events is not just a winter thing.
It’s seasonal.
If it’s spring, you get mad at yourself for being too busy last fall to plant tulip bulbs, not putting Stabil in various gas tanks, not sharpening mower blades in the off-season and not putting hoes, shovels and rakes in a findable place.
When trout season arrives you can’t find the lures you got for Christmas, your favorite whippy rod, your net, boots or even your tackle box.
Come summer and again you go through the wonderment of mind-loss, dismay of ignorance and thought of seeking counseling. Plus you’re still upset at not having lovely yellow daffodils and red tulips ringing the edges of your porch and patio.
As the leaves change you realize you didn’t replace the rake you broke last spring. And the landscaping you planned for summer didn’t get done; neither did the trimming.
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Ah, well, there are other things I have to think about. I frequently throw my used tissues into the stool. I also frequently see part of that wet tissue sticking out of Shayna’s mouth. I asked her what she found so tasty in a wet Kleenex and all get is a quizzical stare.
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Why don’t pants/slacks makers agree on a place to put belt loops? Maybe they think we need a challenge. Maybe they think we all install our belts with our pants/slacks off. Maybe they have some disgruntled tailors who are upset with their bosses or the world. And maybe some think their style of a group of three loops in the back, none on the sides and two in the front is chic.
It’s thinkers like that who, when they need employees, add ‘production associates.? And, when they chose to tighten the workforce they have ‘involuntary separations? until their company is ‘unfavorably impacted.?

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