The Truth…

Dear Editor,
(Former President Donald) Trump’s tax cuts added trillions to our debt to make his friends even richer while trying to stop healthcare for millions of voters.
I know what the G.O.P. plan is: to cut SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for the elderly, healthcare, and programs that help people that need it, including WIC!
They have shown their true colors over and over again. They will never change. That’s why I will never vote for them, or conservative leadership. They’re cowards and their donors own them.
No one owns me.
J.P. King
Lake Orion
P.S. I had the guts to write this letter. Do you have the guts to print it?

Editor’s note: I am not really certain why Mr. King is questioning my moxie in printing letters to the editor, especially since I have printed his letters on numerous occasions. Anyway, here it is.
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2 responses to “The Truth…”

  1. J.P. King, please just stop.Trump hasn’t been President in two years, yet your boy is the poster child for everything that is wrong in D.C.

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