So much road work, but what about Heights and Bellevue?

Summer has come and so much roadwork is being done. Just about everywhere the roads are underconstruction.

It is so great to see so many of our roads being repaired.

Pinetree, Clarkston, Indianwood and of course Lapeer Road, are all being repaired, but what has happened to Heights Road and Bellevue?

Bellevue was patched last year and I thought it would be finished, and Heights Road is still a wreck and I thought once the water development was finished the road would be repaired. It is probably one of the worst roads in Lake Orion.

Of course I haven’t been down all the roads in Lake Orion, but the ones I travel, I find this road to be the worst.

Since I live of Bellevue Island I am forced to drive down Heights Road no matter where I am traveling.

Please consider repaving this road.

Pat Stoner-Lauer

Lake Orion


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