Shining a light of change on darkness

Saturday is the last day in the month of October. It marks the end of summer and it’s October 31st , Halloween! It’s the only holiday where we celebrate fun in the darkness. A night of ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and candy.

You may see yards with fun displays that play at the emotions of fear, fright, and horror. Plus, the Cosmos is providing the perfect treat for us this Halloween; a full moon will brighten our night. A full moon is energetic, illuminating and also a great addition to a night of fun on this particular holiday.

Taking a spiritual look – full moons provide an opportunity for us, if we are willing, to see what might be hidden in the shadows of life.

Seeing beauty in the world around us has been very easy this year. During this season of change Mother Nature has created exceptional leaf colors on all the trees. While noticing nature’s beauty, contemplate how your life is very much ready for changing too. This is our time to look back over the past year and decide what needs to change?

We are in the last quarter of 2020, our year of perfect vision. If you are like most people you will agree this is one year you might like to just take out of your life, like it never existed. But it did, and it has really been a year of perfect vision.

This is a perfect time to look at our past, re-evaluate our past actions and bring our past timelines up for correction. This full moon marks a turning point, a time to look over our past, what could we have done better? Take time to forgive ourselves for past ways and it’s time to choose to improve now and bring better ways into our future.

In this year of craziness we were given a great opportunity. A new time has come for us to allow changes, with no worries, no fear. It is time to shine a light on the darkness and know there is no horror coming – only a time to make new choices for ourselves and the entire world.

Now is the time to see clearer and to shake the old off. It’s time to let go of any karmic versions from the past that are lurking around in the shadows. Let go of things that didn’t work, or can be improved upon, and help make that improvement. Be open to changing what you thought was a good life, because it’s going to get better.

Whenever you “let go and let God” you are choosing to be the good in the world. Choosing good will change you and change your life to be something better. Make the change.

You never have to do anything just because it is the way you have always done it. What shadows or darkness can you shine a light on and release?

The time is now for all of us to look behind us noting where we could do a better job and do better. It is time for the old ideals that no longer serve us to be released and fall away.

Let go of any excess ideas, thoughts or feelings that create worry or stress. Capture some moon rays by allowing yourself time to sit in the light of the full moon.

Once you connect in a time of stillness, ask God what is it that the moon is shining on for you, for us? What changes can you make in your life that will bring your world, our world, back into a state of peace and harmony?

Do this release work by setting an intention of gratitude and by being open-minded. Allow your conscious mind to see any areas of darkness or shadows that exist and can be lifted or released. Then point out to God what you feel needs a healing change. Remember not to tell God how to heal and change, but let God make the changes by your intention and good thoughts.

Life is healed and corrected by our Godlike – qualities being put to work and by letting our internal light shine.

Genesis 1:3-4 “And, God said; “let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good and he separated the light from the darkness.”

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix is the Unity Director and Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion.

Find positive and uplifting posts on her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk.


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