Senior of the Week — Sky Kaufman

Parents: Kirk and Jennifer Kaufman
Grade: 12
GPA: 3.94
Favorite subject(s): Art and History
Extracurricular activities: I love attributing my time to the arts.
Hobbies/Interests: I can play the piano, ukulele and kalimba. I also love to fish and snorkel up north during the summer. On an average day, I usually draw and listen to music.
Plans after graduation: I plan to attend a college for the arts.
Sky is proudest of: The close connection I have with my family.
Sky makes a contribution by: I refrain from putting more hate into the world.
What Sky envisions in 10-20 years: I hope to be living a comfortable life with a career in the entertainment industry. Maybe I would have a Samoyed and a Shetland Sheepdog.
What concerns Sky in the world: There are lots of world issues that concern me. Regarding severity and urgency, global warming is number one.
Favorite thing about Lake Orion High School: The abundance of career-oriented classes.
Recommending Teacher: Fawn Bullock

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