Scott Taylor is the best choice for LOCS

Although there are many good candidates running for the Lake Orion school board, none are more qualified than Scott Taylor.

Thirty years ago, Scott was one of my students at Lake Orion High School. Today we are both parents of LOCS students.

Throughout the years he has remained a calm, fun-loving and relaxed person who easily gets along with others.

These days Scott wears many hats as a husband, father, local businessman, coach, mentor and friend to many in the community. It puts him in direct contact with a multitude of differing perspectives and opinions.

In his role as a school board member, Scott continues to be a calm, steady voice of reason. He doesn’t show up with his own agenda, considers all points of view and, most importantly, listens to others.

His ultimate goal is always to do what is best for the students.

He is a proven leader in Lake Orion and in the Lake Orion Community School district, bringing experience, integrity, commitment, and dedication to the job.

Scott Taylor is the best choice for LOCS School Board Trustee.

Joseph Havrilla

Lake Orion


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