As I sat and wrote my rough copy, another 15-year-old was shot and killed playing basketball. (Sick).

Does it start at “The High” fans that do not stand at the anthem – nor remover their hats?


The female ref in Lapeer that had to throw three visitors from the game – and they were waiting for her after she was guided out? They were verbally attacking her. Respect.

The parent that ran out on the court and physically accosted one referee. Respect.

Does it continue with the shooting at Carman-Ainsworth in the beginning of the summer (June 21) with a fight and shooting? The little league riot that made the national news? Respect.

Or the little league game right here in Lapeer. When the ump called strike the little player turned around and said, “That was not a strike you son of a bitch.” Dad took him home by the ear too late. Respect.

The team that wouldn’t play a team because the first game ended in a shutout. Unthinkable!

Are we raising quitters as a result of misguided parents and unqualified coaches?

It’s time for the silent majority to let the “lunatics” know they are not acceptable? Slogans on fields depicting who is in charge – umps? Parent meetings where they are told how to act – obviously they do not know how.

Sports writers/editors/publishers stepping up and taking the lead. Parent commitment/permission slips? What to do, what to do? The outlook is decidedly blue.

Donn Hoganson