Residents want Airbnb’s banned in Lake Orion

I would like to give a shout out to the sensible city of Ann Arbor.

They have immediate plans to discontinue the ability to purchase a home for the exclusive purpose of creating a motel room: that is what an Airbnb is.

These homes quite often are in very nice, quiet residential areas.

So, you say “so what?”

We are 83- and 85-years-old and live in very close surroundings (with our neighbors) in the Village of Lake Orion.

A home (on our street) was purchased for the exclusive use to create a business. This small home sits on a 35-foot lot. It is rented to foul-speaking young people, large families and groups.

We have had a Jehovah Witness group that was well-behaved, wedding parties, etc. Some groups have had as many as 12-14 people.

The owner is never in sight. We have no idea who these strangers are and are afraid for our safety.

Do these people present identification (when renting an Airbnb)?

Please Village of Lake Orion, do your jobs and remove this nuisance from our neighborhood.

Do you realize tomorrow the home next door to you can become a motel or motel room?

George and Dee Lukas

Lake Orion


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