Reader’s comments about column were ‘a BREATH of fresh air’

Re: “My Evil Plan gets reviewed by Natalie”by Don Rush, Lake Orion Review, Oct. 13 2021, page 7.

What a BREATH of fresh air to read Natalie H’s response to Don’s column. I’d much rather read whatever thoughts this person has than the repetitive and antiquated diatribes of Don.

Kudos to her for responding – as a parent to three, I agree that we need to let our kids be themselves and it is what is on the inside that matters. The rest is white noise.

Natalie H. wrote: “Why do you care? You know your sons’ characters and personalities. If you feel you’ve raised them to be kind people, why does anything else matter?” Bravo.

Don’s response was anything but kind, he seems incapable of taking a step back and trying to understand his own prejudices and bias are hurtful and unkind, and can’t even acknowledge anything she pointed out, making a weak reference to Lord of the Flies. PLEASE. I repeat, PLEASE, can we please get Natalie a column and retire Don’s weekly installment?

Lillian Steuben

Orion Twp.


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