Public Safety

The OCSO Orion substation responded

to 392 calls from July 29- August 4, 2019

• Felony Arrests: 0

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 5

• Accidents: 12

Man gets time to reflect on actions

Deputies responded to the 500 block of Kimberly at 4:01 p.m. July 29 for a domestic assault.

After deescalating the situation and making the scene safe, deputies learned that an Orion man, 26, was having an emotional crisis and assaulted his father, 51. The dad suffered a minor finger injury but refused medical treatment at the scene.

Deputies placed the 26-year-old man into protective custody and transported him to Common Ground.

Loss prevention is on its toes

Deputies responded to Kohl’s, 4872 Baldwin Rd., for retail fraud.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with a loss prevention officer and reviewed in store surveillance video. It was revealed that the suspect stole $250 worth of merchandise passing all points of purchase. The suspect was stopped in the parking lot by loss prevention and escorted back into the office.

Deputies placed the Clarkston woman, 33, into custody and issued a citation for retail fraud 3rd and she was released from the scene.

Call out to help locate missing bike

Deputies responded to the 700 block of Kimberly at 3:30 p.m. July 30 for a report of a stolen bike.

The resident’s bike was left near the stairwell inside the building, which is only assessable by tenants with a key. It was last seen July 27th.

The bicycle is described as a Giant Revel 2, bright green in color with black handlebars (serial #6CC3390).

If you have any information, please call 248-393-0090.

Young man gets a time out…. in jail

Deputies responded to the 2000 block of Elmhurst Circle at 6:51 p.m. July 30 for a domestic assault.

A young man, 18, had assaulted his father, 58. The suspect pushed the victim three times before the victim pushed the suspect back. The suspect then grabbed a diabetic needle and threatened his father with it.

No injuries were reported.

Deputies placed the 18-year-old under arrest for domestic assault and transported him to Oakland County Jail without incident.

He was just asking for trouble

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Joslyn Road and Lochmoor Boulevard at 11:13 p.m. Aug. 2 for a report of a man who had crashed his 4-wheel ORV (off-road vehicle) on the sidewalk.

The Orion Township man, 22, was found laying in the intersection of Joslyn and Lochmoor by deputies who assessed his medical condition and assisted him.

It was discovered that the operator had struck a rock which caused him to be ejected from the ORV, which had damage.

Deputies detected alcohol was a factor in the crash, in addition to the violation of driving a motorized vehicle on a sidewalk or pathway not designated for motor vehicles.

Star EMS was on scene and transported the man to McLaren hospital where deputies completed a search warrant for a blood draw.

The man was released at the hospital pending the issuance of criminal charges stemming from driving the ORV on the pathway.

Erratic driver was having heart attack

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Lapeer and Scripps roads at 3:16 p.m. Aug. 3 for a possible intoxicated driver.

Deputies located and safely stopped the vehicle. The driver completed field sobriety tests. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the driver, a Flint MI man, 74, was experiencing a medical issue and was not intoxicated.

Star EMS was called, and they detected the driver was having a heart attack.

The man was transported to St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital in Pontiac.

Man has second thoughts on his plan

Deputies were dispatched to 2300 block of Joslyn Court at 7:29 p.m. Aug. 4 for a man attempting to commit suicide.

Deputies located the Auburn Hills man, 48, who was very incoherent, with empty pill bottles and an empty bottle of alcohol next to him.

Deputies deescalated the situation, talking to the man who requested further treatment.

The man was transported by Star EMS to McLaren Hospital.

What an awful end to the weekend

While on routine patrol through Canterbury Village at 8:01 p.m. Aug. 4, a deputy was stopped by a woman. The Jonesville MI woman, 52, was working a booth at a local event and sometime between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. that day, an unknown suspect took the woman’s wallet.

There are no suspects at this time.

The investigation continues.


The LO Police Dept. (LOPD) responded

to 136 calls from July 29- August 4, 2019

• Felony Arrests: 0

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 3

• Accidents: 3

There’s good reason for the yelling

An officer was dispatched to the area of Children’s Park in the downtown district at 9:35 p.m. Aug. 1 for reports of a man yelling.

It turned out that an Oxford Township youth, 17, began yelling after his backpack, which he placed on the floor of the gazebo while he was nearby, was taken. The unknown man who took his backpack was described as about 6-feet tall, wearing khaki shorts with collar length blond hair, wearing a baseball cap. When the youth saw the man take his backpack and run, he chased after him yelling at him to stop.

The backpack is a Sierra brand, black in color, containing a Nintendo system and other personal property.

If anyone has information on the theft, please call the LOPD at 248-693-8323 and reference incident number 19-3138.

It’s no wonder his license is suspended

An officer on patrol on S. Broadway (M-24) at 8:05 p.m. Aug. 2 saw a motorist turn onto S. Broadway at a high rate of speed, intentionally squealing his tires and accelerating quickly.

The 18-year-old driver was stopped and found to be driving on a suspended license.

The Independence Township man was cited for careless driving and arrested on the suspended license.

A court date is pending.

Wallet makes its way home

A good Samaritan found a man’s wallet in the street on S. Broadway (M-24) near Atwater and turned it over to an officer at 8:22 a.m. Aug. 3.

The wallet belonged to a Marlette MI man, 25, whom the officer was able to find a phone number for.

The man’s property was returned intact.

It was just a matter of time…

An officer was dispatched to a neighborhood street at 10:21 a.m. Aug. 3 for a loose dog complaint.

Arriving officers found the dog roaming and knew the owner from previous complaints of allowing the dog to roam freely in the neighborhood.

The officer took the dog home and spoke with the owner. Discovering the Lake Orion man, 31, had a valid warrant from another agency, the officer arrested the man on the warrant, in addition to issuing him a ticket for allowing the dog to roam.

The man was turned over to the warrant holding agency.

Backpack seeks its rightful owner

An officer was dispatched to a report of teens fighting over a backpack on the paint creek trail at 4:41 p.m. Aug. 4 after a witness reported two teens fighting over a backpack. They saw a teen wrestling the backpack from the one wearing it, stating it belonged to his friend. The witness further stated the youth initially carrying the backpark ran away after it was taken from him. The teen who took it threw it into the bushes near the trail and also left the area.

The officer recovered a gray Trailmaker backpack that contained personal property, but no identification.

The rightful owner may call the LOPD at 248- 693-8323 and reference complaint number 19-3202.


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