Orion Twp. man is arrested after hitting motorcyclist and then fleeing the accident scene

An Orion Township man was arrested for hitting a motorcycle rider with his vehicle and fleeing the scene of the accident – even though an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy told the man to remain near the site.

The incident began around 8:42 p.m. June 16 when a deputy was driving his patrol vehicle southbound on M-24 near Clarkston Road and witnessed a black vehicle pull out from a turnaround at a red light, striking a motorcyclist who was just behind the patrol vehicle.

The deputy contacted the driver of the black vehicle, noting the license plate and fresh damage to the vehicle. The driver acknowledged the deputy and pulled into an adjacent parking lot off Clarkston Road about 80 yards from the crash scene.

The deputy then returned to the scene of the crash knowing the motorcycle driver had been ejected from the bike into the roadway and needed medical help, the report stated.

When another deputy checked the parking lot for the suspect, he had fled within moments.

Deputies, with the registered license plate information, identified the suspect’s residence, went to his home and located the freshly damaged vehicle backed into the driveway. The engine was still hot.

Deputies tried to speak with the homeowner, the suspect’s family member, but the family member refused to speak with deputies or acknowledge who was driving the vehicle.

After explaining the evidence of paint transfer from the motorcycle onto the freshly damaged vehicle and several attempts to reason with the homeowner, deputies impounded the vehicle as evidence in order to complete the crash report and investigation.

The suspect was charged the next day for actions before, during and after the crash. The motorcyclist was treated for his injuries and released.


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