Orion Twp. Fire Dept. responds to nearly 150 calls over two week period

The Orion Township Fire Department responded to 147 calls for service from Sept. 15-29, according to a fire department call volume and significant incidents report to the Orion Township Board of Trustees on Monday.

Of those calls, firefighters/EMTs responded to 97 medical calls. There were 50 non-medical calls for service over the two-week period.

The fire department has had 2,548 calls for service in 2021 through Sept. 29.

The fire department also switched from a Basic Life Support service to an Advanced Life Support (ALS) service fire department on June 12.

Advanced Life Support is a set of life-saving protocols and skills that extend beyond Basic Life Support and is used to provide urgent treatment to cardiac emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, stroke and other conditions. Paramedics qualified to provide ALS are trained and authorized to administer medication, perform injections and conduct airway procedures prior to arrival at a hospital.

Prior to becoming an ALS department, Orion Township partnered with other municipalities and Star EMS for Advanced Life Support services.

Prior to switching to ALS, Orion Township firefighters had 299 transports. Since becoming ALS, the fire department has had 647 transports since June 12.

Year-to-date transport recovery costs are $273,992. 29, according to the report from Assistant Fire Chief John Pender. — J.N.


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