Orion Township should not be involved in handling trash; free enterprise system should prevail

We are concerned regarding recent decisions limiting trash hauling competition in Orion Township. Educated consumers should be allowed the freedom of choice, unencumbered by government regulations, based on the value received for the cost. (Unless we want more Affordable Health Care?)
Two to three years ago, when our trash hauling costs became too expensive, we searched for an alternative provider and found Odd Job Disposal. Their cost was about 20 percent less and they assured us they had not increased their rates in years and had no plans to do so in the future.
After continued increases in fuel fees and surcharges with other suppliers who seemed to have increased rates each quarter, we chose Odd Job!
Odd Job Disposal, one of the lowest cost providers of residential trash hauling, has been in business since 2007. We experienced outstanding service with them. Reviewing the complaints and issues raised (taken from your publication: “Board ousts Odd Job Disposal from operating in Orion Twp.”; The Lake Orion Review, March 20, 2019, page 1) it appears that they have had performance issues recently. We were inconvenienced by them too, but not enough that we would want to pay 100 percent more for the same level of service from another provider!
In January 2019, the Orion Township board considered revoking Odd Job’s license. At the meeting on March 18, the Orion Township board officially pulled their license. The Spring 2019 Orion Township Outreach, published in February 2019, did not list Odd Job as a licensed trash hauler in Orion Township. It appears the decision had been made sometime prior to the March meeting to no longer license Odd Job.
Now, we are sure the next step our local government will take is to parcel out specific regions of the township to specific trash haulers and we should expect to see some reduction in cost. We did that for a while in our subdivision, and, within 1-2 years, we found costs had increased and were no longer competitive.
Another solution to save taxpayers of Orion Township the burden of this government decision would be to halt plans to build a new township hall, and, instead, use the $500,000 per year additional costs to partially offset the increased costs incurred for trash hauling.
(Editor Jim Newell) indicated that over 5,200 families in Orion Township are impacted by the decision not to renew Odd Job’s license.
Based on our personal price increase, the overall impact will result in over $1,000,000 (one million dollars!) of increased cost to Orion Township residents who previously used Odd Job.
Our government should be held accountable to find a way to offset this burden through tax reduction or credits, with the associated reduction in the township’s operating expenses.
In all of this — not sure where Odd Job wants to be at the end of the day. Do they want to do business in Orion Township any more or not?
Certainly, the free enterprise system should prevail. Bottom line, do we need government involved in handling trash?
The Stelmach’s
Orion Twp.

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