Orion Ox Water Company opens in downtown LO

Orion Ox Water Company opens in downtown LO

Partial proceeds support ‘Calling All Autism Heroes’

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Downtown Lake Orion has welcomed a fresh new business to the area; the Orion Ox Water Company, which had its grand opening in late August.

The shop offers premium purified and alkaline water as well as water jugs, coolers and accessories.

Owned by Lee and Stacey Jewett, the local family was looking for a way to fund their non-profit company: Calling All Autism Heroes, a non-profit that focuses on developing neighborhoods not only for those with autism but for their families and provide a better quality of life for everyone.

After doing some research, the two decided to try selling water, visiting Water Depot in Clarkston for some insight on the endeavor.

“The reason that we went with water is one, it’s essential but it’s also one of the most essential things for our son who is autistic,” Stacey said. “We did a lot of research throughout the past year or so on water. Basically, water is a game-changer for us. Not only does my son like to swim in the water; he’s pretty clumsy, he’s got low muscle tone when he’s outside of the water but in the water, he’s able to enjoy it with his peers, the family and he feels really good about it. And in addition to that, when I’m able to get more water sources into him his disposition changes quite a bit.”

Through Calling All Autism Heroes, water can also be delivered, giving the Jewett family an opportunity to employ those on the spectrum that are looking for employment.

In addition to the water and containers, the storefront also features a tasting station with fresh water available for customers to try out.

“We’re looking to make it part of the community, where you can come in and enjoy a glass of water, a cup of hot-coco, hot tea, whatever your choice of beverage is just to relax,” Stacey said. “We’re really big into the natural, the wholeness of life, going back to the basics. For our family, that’s what works best for us so we’re hoping it will work good for other families.”

The Orion Ox Water company has also extended its inventory to offer fresh fruits and vegetables on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and also has a featured artist of the month whose work can be purchased as well.

The Orion Ox Water Company is located at 158 Broadway St. in downtown Lake Orion. Visit www.orionoxwatercompany.com for more information on the filtration process, Calling all Autism Heroes and a full list of available products.


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