Opposed to cell tower on LOCS school property

Regarding the Lake Orion Community Schools efforts to install a cell tower on their vacant land located between Orion Road and Adams Road at 3416 E. Clarkston Road in Oakland Twp.
The closest neighbors to the proposed site voiced concern during the Oakland Twp. Planning Commission meeting. Our concerns were heard, yet brushed aside as the 3-2 vote was cast. The decision appeared to be approved before the meeting started.
All board members, Oakland Twp. and Lake Orion School Board, please note a part of Zoning Ordinance (section 16-416.02.C): “Site locations shall first consider: religious or other institutional sites, municipally owned site, government owned site, public park, or large permanent open space when compatible, and public or private school site.”
The district owns the property, no school exists. The property does not fit into the above categories.
With a tower the school district will receive approximately $1,800 a month but their gain will drive down residents’ property values. (People tend not to purchase homes close to a cell tower.) Why not reduce the requirement to purchase the property and gain monies for the district now?
The tower facility is permanent, and it will use a large area of land. Additional land will be unusable due to the required setback areas. The white elephant, left by those no longer holding board seats, and who do not live in the area, will leave a less than ideal site for future use or sale. Plus, noise created from generators used during a power failure will be over residential decibels!
I always vote for the success of the Lake Orion Schools, but believe they are not looking for the success of our residents.
Attend the Oakland Twp. meeting March 12.

Linda La Croix
Oakland Twp.


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