Now try your ‘great improvement’ on Miller Road, then Mariday Street

Re: “Great job repairing Heights Road”, ‘View points, Lake Orion Review, Sept. 15, 2021, page 6.

Now you might try your great improvement on Miller Road (last time it was repaved was 1973).

Almost forgot, how about replacing the apron at Mariday Street and Orion Road? It was never replaced in 2015 when Orion Road was recapped.

Roy Blankenburg

Orion Township


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  1. Roy M Blankenburg   October 27, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    THANK YOU, nor if, the O.CC.R.C. can read, the ASPHALT APRON at MARIDAY an ORION RD WAS NEVER REPLACED AFTER ORIO ROAD was RESURRPHED, the OAKLAND PROJECT MANAGER says (never was one there) and I say (B-S Jack) I have PIC, I GAVE U A STACK of them 2016-17 and nothing, WHATS THE MATTER, ????? YOUR REAR END ‘SUPPER GLUED TO YOUR CHAIR AND YOU CAN’T/WON’T LEAVE YOUR HOLE IN THE WALL OFFICE. I CALL 2-3 TIMES A MONTH TO HAVE MARIDAY/ORION GRADED, FROM 2016 to 2021 but nothing,(the good ol boys got their shair) the kid running the grader needs a lot of learnin, been trying to fill gravel to blacktop from 2016 to present, CANT’GET ER DONE. THIRTY YD OF TANK TRAP, DRIVEWAYS LOOSE 3-4 of height of road every time he makes a trip, but can’t fill 4ftx 6inx 4-6in hole at Mariday/Orion, ALL I WANT RIGHT NOW , like people in HEL want ICE WATER but won’t get, is a properly CONSTRUCTED APRON at MARIDAY & ORION then you can start on MILLER RD, MY RECORDS SHOW LAST RESTORE new black top was 1973-74 and by the way, you have a water drainage on EASTVIEW/MARIDAY (ditching for water run off to what I believe TO BE ILLEGEL placed when eastview was gravel, O-WELL , just anoughter day in life of good ol DORIS


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