Not in favor of the township purchasing the GLAC

In the Lake Orion Review it said that Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett and attorney Dan Kelley have entered a bid on the Great Lakes Athletic Club.
The citizens of Orion were told that when the new Orion Township Hall and the sheriff’s office building were being built there would be no cost to the citizens.
Now we are being told that if the township can purchase the Great Lakes Athletic Club there would be no cost to the people of Orion.
I was always told that nothing is free in life.
This year, the supervisor and the board of trustees decided not to sign with Oakland County to have free hazardous waste because the township could not afford it. But somehow they found $9 million to purchase the Great Lakes Athletic Club. Again, at no cost to the taxpayer.
I understand that the athletic club does not have any large rooms. The Orion Center has many large rooms. To have programs like they have at the Orion Center there will have to be some remodeling done at the athletic club.
And is the remodeling going to cost the taxpayers?
The supervisor said that the membership would be $40-$50 for the use of the athletic club. With the price of food, gas and other things, how can the average family be able to afford a membership?
I have talked with many seniors and they say that they won’t be using the athletic club because of the roundabouts.
Why wasn’t it put to a vote of the citizens of Orion Township?

Rosalie Ward
Orion Township

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