NO on the LOCS Bonds

Despite what you have seen on road signs and the information provided by the Lake Orion School system, the Bond proposal requires an additional 3.99 mills in taxes.

If you don’t believe me, read the ballot when you are voting. This is one place the school board cannot twist information to support their bloated request. This will represent a significant dollar increase in your taxes to repay the $250.6 million (principal and interest) they are requesting.

The school administration has been whining since Proposal A was passed in 1994. In the 24 ensuing years, they have refused to adjust their operating budget to provide the proper repairs and maintenance. In support of the 2016 sinking fund request of $35-plus million, some minor adjustments were made to sell the request to voters, but they must make the necessary adjustment to fund and maintain an ongoing system.

A few other logical questions voters should be asking themselves are:

1) Based on the “useful building” life calculations the board uses to decide we should demolish and replace a building, why shouldn’t we bulldoze downtown Lake Orion? 2) The board used GMB Architecture & Engineering to assess the facilities, which I have been told was done for free. As you know, the bigger the project, the more they make. Now, without any competitive quotes, they are the architect for the entire project and will be making $10.4 million.

3) The request includes $30.5 million for technology, does this seem excessive to you?

Thomas Sanna

Orion Twp.