No more roundabouts – it’s time to fix Heights and Bellevue roads

I am writing this letter to express my concern about Heights Road and Bellevue Road.

These roads are almost impassable in spots.

Heights Road is almost a one lane road, since cars need to slow down because most of the cars are traveling down the center of the road because the side of the roads are so broken up.

Bellevue, after crossing the bridge, has such a deep hole that is has been filled with rocks in order to keep it passable, but even at that it is unsafe to drive over it. There is an orange cone warning people of the hole.

Living in this area, we are paying both township and county taxes and can’t seem to get any work done on our roads. Maybe we should not pay our taxes until the roads are fixed.

Indianwood Road, Clarkston Road and Pinetree Road have been redone and they are looking great. I don’t think those roads were half as bad as Heights Road is. This road is used by several residents who travel to Joslyn Road, and also all the residents who live between M-24 and Joslyn Road.

Several thousands of dollars were spent on the roundabout at Miller/Flint/Orion roads, which really wasn’t as important as fixing our roads.

I would have much more like to have seen that money put to better use than building a roundabout which to me is very confusing.

I have had many complaints from visitors who come to see me and can’t believe the road conditions and are almost afraid to travel these roads.

Pat Lauer

Lake Orion (Bellevue (Island)