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We’re not going to get too serious here just before the holidays.
Question: If all the endowed gals get jobs at Hooters, where do one-legged gals get jobs?
Answer: I-Hop!
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Too often when playing with Shayna she’ll rip some skin with a claw. When the bleeding starts I let her lick it until the bleeding stops.
I find it heals faster.
I wonder if any of the laboratories across the land have tested dog spit for healing substances? Could be the breakthrough we’ve been awaiting for faster coagulation and disease control.
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Eric Sharp, writing for a Saturday edition of the combined Detroit newspapers, suggests firearms deer opener seasons be tweaked. I agree. The November 15 opening date is not written in stone.
If Veteran’s Day can be changed, even renamed, and Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays combined and Memorial Day made a Monday, then moving ‘Opening Day? shouldn’t be too hard.
Making the second or third Saturday in November open for deer hunting in the Upper Peninsula makes political sense for such people as Governor Jennifer.
Just as her moving school opening dates to after Labor Day for tourism, moving Openind Day from the 15th to a weekend would do the same for Upper business.
Sharp also suggests a Wednesday opening day for the Lower. He reasons that would give hunters three weekends each year to observe deer hunting holidays. I have no opinion about hunting seasons in the Lower. My tracks are above the bridge.
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I’m scheduled for some minor (to the surgeon) ‘procedure? on my left knee soon. In preparation I’ve been exposed to a couple words I haven’t heard at Rob’s Bar in Oxford.
Arthroscopy is one of them. Word slurrers like myself, when hearing the word, assume it starts with an ?0?. Further, Dr. Jeffrey H. DeClaire has Orthopaedic on his prescription form – ‘The DeClaire Knee & Orthopaedic Institute.?
Until reading that name I would have spelled Orthopaedic without the ‘a.? And, I would have been right. Seems my Webster Seventh Dictionary spells it both ways, with their putting Orthopedic first.
Aren’t you glad you read this far? Isn’t it exciting?
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Bottled water has got to be the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people!
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This is being written after the worst sports reporting weekend in memory. MSU, M, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings all lost.
I have to cling to some sport, so right now all my attention is being focused on girls high school basketball. Engadine, in particular. The Eagles have won both the districts and regionals and head into the quarter finals November 29, which may be too late for me to get it in this column.
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I’m sure you’ve noticed that every tax reducing/budget legislation considered by Lansing or Washington includes ‘closing loopholes.?
I guess that’s why these elected officials put the taxpayer escapes in the legislation in the first place.
If not, why else would they put tax loopholes in these law?

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