‘Meijer Grocery’ store to open in Orion Twp. in early 2023, retailer says

‘Meijer Grocery’ store to open in Orion Twp. in early 2023, retailer says

Update: https://jobs.meijer.com/stores

To be considered for interviews, potential candidates can apply at jobs.meijer.com/stores. Once on the page, click “Search New Store Jobs,” type “Macomb” or “Lake Orion” in the search bar at the top of the page and click “search” to view available positions. Click on a position to learn more about the role and use the “apply” button to submit an application.



New concept store focuses on convenience, fresh foods

By Jim Newell
Review Editor
ORION TWP. — Grand Rapids-based Meijer, Inc. announced on Thursday that it will open two new concept grocery stores in southeast Michigan in early 2023.
One of the new “Meijer Grocery” stores is in Orion Township in the Lake Orion Plaza on M-24. The site – formerly the K-Mart site – is currently under construction.
“We’re pleased to announce that Meijer is launching a new type of store, Meijer Grocery, to better serve our customers looking for a convenient and simple shopping experience close to home,” said Sonny Franks Miller, Corporate Communications Specialist for Meijer.
The second location is in Macomb Township. The stores will provide convenience for customers who are looking for a simplified shopping experience, while providing communities easier access to fresher foods, the retailer said.
“Our customers know they can count on us for the freshest foods and best value, which has always been at the core of what we do at Meijer,” Meijer President and CEO Rick Keyes said. “Meijer Grocery will now provide that same combination of freshness and value in a foods focused format in your local community.”
Meijer Grocery stores will range from 75,000-90,000 square feet, and will include the departments in a condensed and quick-to-navigate footprint. Departments include:
• Fresh Produce
• Fresh Meat Counter
• Bakery equipped with in-store cake decorators
• Full-service deli
• Dry Grocery
• Pharmacy
• Health & beauty care
• Baby, pets, and consumables
• Card & party and floral
The new concept is the retailer’s latest since first introducing the neighborhood market small format concept in August 2018 with the opening of Bridge Street Market on Grand Rapids’ west side.
“We’re excited to provide our customers with yet another way to shop,” said Don Sanderson, Group Vice President of Foods at Meijer. “This new concept store will not only provide our customers with everything they need on their weekly shopping trip, but also a quick and easy solution for when they realize they left the key ingredient off their list while cooking dinner.”
Meijer Grocery will also offer the same convenient ways to shop and save as a Meijer supercenter – such as the one on Lapeer Road in Oxford – including mPerks, Shop and Scan, Meijer Home Delivery and Pickup.
For more information, and to stay up-to-date on the new Meijer concept stores, visit www.meijer.com/meijer-grocery.

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  1. Sandi Farmer   October 1, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    When and where can I apply for a job at the lake Orion meijer?

    • James Newell   October 10, 2022 at 3:07 pm

      Meijer Grocery Begins Hiring for New Lake Orion and Macomb Twp. Stores

      Candidates interested in full- or part-time positions can apply at https://jobs.meijer.com/stores


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