Luchsinger resigns from Lake Orion Village Council

Fifth council member resignation since 2018

By Megan Kelley
Review Writer
LAKE ORION — Councilmember Sarah Luchsinger resigned her seat on the Lake Orion Village Council effective immediately during the council’s regular meeting on Monday.
“There is just so much disrespect, bad faith – we really shouldn’t be making decisions guys, on a lot of these topics and it needs to go back to (residents) and I can’t be quiet about it anymore,” Luchsinger said in her closing comments. “I’m actually sicker than I like to admit and my husband has had a couple of come to Jesus moments with me so, unfortunately, this is where I leave you.
“I can’t do it anymore from here. So, I’d rather do it from out there because apparently more weight is given to you guys (residents) and that’s really, right now, how it should be. So, I’d like to say I wish you all (council members) the best; and I’ll leave it at that,” she said.
In past meetings, Luchsinger has clashed with village Manager Darwin McClary over information she believed was being withheld.
Earlier this year, McClary had not allowed Luchsinger to view village attorney bills without the entire council’s approval despite the council being the client of the village attorney.
Luchsinger said council members should not have to vote to approve attorney bills when they did not know what they were paying for.
Luchsinger also had run-ins with other council members over council procedure.
During a recent meeting, she was silenced and told she was “out of order” when she raised concerns over DDA Director Molly LaLone speaking during public comment in a way that some council members felt equated to a presentation.
Luchsinger was often on the minority side of many votes, along with Councilmembers Michael Lamb and Nancy Mosier, who expressed their sadness to see Luchsinger resign but recommitted themselves to serving on the council.
“I’m extremely saddened about one of our council women (resigning),” Mosier said. “I have to say, I am extremely disgusted by the way that (members of) this council, since I have been elected in November, has been treated. I had hoped, and the people that voted for me – and I will say, I had the most votes – everybody I talked to wanted the Good Ole’ Boys to go away and it’s not happening. So, we have what we have. We have what we’ve had for 20 years-plus and we are losing a very committed and wonderful council woman who is knowledgeable and is a great asset to our council because we have people on our council that have minds the size of gnats. And I’m sorry, but people are not willing to have an open mind and they’re willing to continue to do and to say and to vote the way that they have voted forever. This is not what we’re about, this is not why I’m here.”
Luchsinger becomes the fifth person to resign from the council since 2018 and the eighth since 2001. In July 2018, Shauna Brown and Steve Watson both resigned; just over a year later, in 2019, David Churchill resigned; and in March 2021, Ray Hammond resigned from the council.
Luchsinger is a village resident and attorney who previously owned Sarah’s Bath Boutique in downtown Lake Orion. She was voted to a four-year term on the council in 2020 after receiving the third highest number of votes, running on a platform that included improving communication between the council and residents, business owners and visitors to the village.
The council will likely vote to officially accept Luchsinger’s resignation at its next meeting on May 22. Under village charter, the council then has 30 days after officially accepting the resignation to fill the vacant seat.
Section 4.4 of the village’s ordinances states: “A resignation submitted by an official shall be deemed to be considered as an unconditional resignation and shall become effective upon acceptance by the council. No such resignation shall be accepted by the council at the same meeting at which it is received, unless by the unanimous vote of all members of the council.”
Application forms for village residents interested in applying are available on the village website, under the “Forms & Downloads” tab, or forms can be requested at Village Hall, 21 E. Church St.

4 responses to “Luchsinger resigns from Lake Orion Village Council”

  1. It is certainly disappointing, however, we have a very adversarial council and we need them to figure out how to work together, where does this end? The village has bigger issues that far exceed any of the Tif funding from the DDA going back to the village, I believe $250K per year. Forgoing the $500K from other municipalities to get $250K doesn’t seem logical, I would like to see another attempt to negotiate with council and DDA and include Lamb, Nancy, Carl from Council…last time it was 1 sided, nominating members from the council who also sit on the DDA to negotiate, that was a pretty big conflict of interest. The village needs funding now, any new project getting 75% in the future is not going to cut it, while generous, but its a cash flow issue with failing infrastructure needing immediate action.

  2. (my thoughts) @CORY, no help from township, residents of the Quint Village NEED to attend their meetings, ASK questions, until you get answers, VOTE, unless you prefer to ask us NO QUESTIONS and we will tell you no lies, in fact we won’t even give you any chin music to your questions please take your seat. The way we do OUR BUSINESS and the way WE SPEND YOUR TAX MONIES with not having to answer to you is NONE of YOUR CONCERN, you are NOT even ALOUD to TOOT the WHISTLE on this train, MONEY TALKS, B.S. WALKS and makes the grass greener for B.M.

  3. It is unfortunate that councilmember Luchsinger has resigned and even more unfortunate that her reasons for resigning are true.
    The council regularly ignores their own rules and procedures, the council president regularly makes up his own rules even though he has no authority to do so, and the administration regularly keeps information from the both the council and public with the approval of at least four members of the council.
    One has to ask who these four members are representing as it is not the village charter, not state law, and definitely not the public that elected them.
    I have pointed out all of these directly to the council and administration, only to be ignored. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are routinely ignored in violation of the law, responded to by saying the information is not in the village office, or simply denied. When challenged the council response is that they don’t understand while making no attempt to do so.
    It is unfortunate that anyone would need to resign because of this but understandable as who would want to be part of it?
    Four members of the council are not listening. Remember that at the next election because it seems that may be the only way we can get rid of the “good old boys” although it seems higher taxes and greater debt will already be in place before that can happen.

  4. (my thoughts) There goes a VERY GUTICY LADY, she has a good sence of time as to when the s**t is about to hit the fan.

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