LOHS Student of the Week — Haley Negri — June 17, 2020

Parents: Heidi and Mark Negri

Grade: 12

GPA: 4.17

Favorite subject(s): Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Forensics and Abnormal Psychology

Extracurricular activities:

Soccer, National Honor Society and Science NHS

Hobbies/Interests: Travel soccer, boating, swimming and drawing

Plans after graduation: I plan to attend college and get some type of science degree.

Haley is proudest of: I am most proud of my faith and determined mindset.

Haley makes a contribution: I always put others before myself.

When Haley thinks of the

future she sees herself: Married with a steady job that I love doing.

What concerns Haley in the world: Mental health awareness

Favorite thing about Lake Orion

High School: I love the environment and all of the people.

Recommending Teacher(s):

Michelle Novak


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