LOHS Senior of the Week – Mason Slocum – May 27, 2020


Parents: Bret Slocum, Terri Jarvis and Regan Slocum


Grade: 12


GPA: 3.53


Favorite subject(s): Science, Social Studies and Fresh-Start Cadet

Extracurricular activities:

Football and wrestling


Hobbies/Interests: Mountain biking and camping


Plans after graduation: go to college and participate in collegiate athletics

Mason is proudest of: Being an older brother, being a leader and being kind to people everyday.


Mason makes a contribution: I try to make people smile everyday and help people if needed.

When Mason thinks of the

future he sees himself: Out of school with a job in health sciences.


What concerns Mason in the world: Teen mental health issues, teens deserve to be happy.

Favorite thing about Lake Orion

High School: The tradition, I feel that everyone is kind to others and the school pride.

Recommending Teacher(s):


Cathy Srock and Lindsay Finkbeiner


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