LOCS – Unrecognized First Responders

LOCS – Unrecognized First Responders

A first responder typically refers to professionals such as nurses, doctors, police, paramedics, fire fighters and other emergency personnel who are trained to provide rescue or other emergency services in case of crises.

We have heralded so many of these champions during the past months as they work tirelessly in the fight against the coronavirus. Despite many of us being asked to step back and stay home, these heroes were tasked to step forward and that they did.

But we have been woefully neglectful for not recognizing another group of first responder professionals who stepped forward and have worked tirelessly during the pandemic…our educators. It is to the Lake Orion Community Schools first responder superheroes that I direct this message.

Thank you to LOCS administrators for providing continuous day and night leadership to staff, families and children in so many ways, too countless to list.

Thank you to LOCS amazing teachers and instructional staff who have taken what they do every day in schools and flipped it around to provide a comparable educational experience for students despite restrictions placed on them. “You can’t see your students and you can’t interact with them face-to-face. You must now rely on an alternate method of instructional delivery for which you have had little to no prior training and you must do this immediately. Teach them to read, write, do math, learn social studies, conduct science experiments, participate in art, music, physical education, etc. Prepare and deliver your lessons in an environment that has no physical interaction with your students. Simultaneously, make sure you are working with parents to make sure they can become teachers to assist children in at-home classrooms. And, at the same time, stay home and take care of your families and teach your own children.”

Thank you to LOCS food service workers, who prepared and delivered over 85,000 meals to ensure no child went hungry. Thank you to LOCS transportation staff and other support workers who came to the rescue and assisted in the process.

Thank you to LOCS counselors, social workers and all those who provided emotional and mental health support for children and families in need.

Thank you to LOCS secretaries, paraprofessionals and aides, who provided support to all staff behind the scenes to ensure a successful experience for students and families.

Thank you to LOCS Board of Education members who supported and encouraged everyone’s efforts during the crises.

As I conclude my ten years as LOCS superintendent, I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to work in the Lake Orion Community School District and I am confident that the district will continue to move forward during the upcoming time of uncertainty in the same manner that they have over the past few months.

Marion Ginopolis, Superintendent


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