LOCS middle schools bond breakdown

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

In last week’s issue of The Lake Orion Review we started to break down the numbers of the LOCS bond proposal, specifically for the elementary schools.

Upon the passage of the bond, the elementary schools would receive $66.6 million of the proposed $160 million bond total. Combined, the three middle schools would receive $19,447,965 in work.

The bond proposal describes the upgrades the middle schools would receive similarly to the elementary schools: “secure entry addition and remodeling, building security improvements, LED lighting and electrical improvements, interior finishes upgrades, window replacement, replace ceilings, develop STEM lab, media center upgrades, code upgrades, mechanical system upgrades and install equipment.”

This list also includes new roof replacements for both Waldon ($133,356) and Oakview ($1,016,051). And Oakview will be getting a $15,000 flag pole replacement.

Scripps will be receiving an additional $1.54 million for office relocation. The main office will be relocated from its current spot at the right of the main entrance to the upper level of the building. Counseling offices will be relocated to so that they are adjacent to the new main office.

Also being moved will be the football field that is currently located behind the building to make room for additional parking for Stadium Drive Elementary for $300,000.

Between the three schools, 103 classrooms will be getting redone to have more flexible/collaborative furniture. At $18,000 a piece that puts total classroom furniture additions/replacements at $1.854 million.

Several of the things listed in the bond are also listed in future projects for the sinking fund such as LED lighting, boiler and chiller replacements, sidewalk replacements and new carpeting.

Total proposed cost at each middle school:

Scripps Middle School: $7,594,584.

Waldon Middle School: $5,502,989.

Oakview Middle School: $6,350,392.


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