LOCS: Graduating with the class of 2020

LOCS Superintendent Marion Ginopolis will regularly share thoughts and updates about district-related topics in the Review.

When I announced that this would be my final year as superintendent of the Lake Orion Community Schools, a high school student tweeted, “When you know 2020 is Mrs. G’s favorite class because she’s graduating with us.”

Like our students, before I complete my senior year in LOCS and move the tassel on my cap from the right to the left on graduation day, there are a number of things that I plan to accomplish.

The graduation tassel is considered a symbol of success. Before graduation, it symbolizes time as a student; however, when moved to the other side, it confirms successful completion of your education.

I have been reflecting on some of the major accomplishments from my nine years as superintendent. Foremost is the ongoing achievement of our students who perform well above state, county and some neighboring district averages in all areas and grade levels. Outstanding administrators and teachers make this happen, dedicated to ensuring our students’ learning and achievement.

Passing both a sinking fund and bond are further evidence of success. These are a result of perseverance on the part of the Board of Education and staff members, informing our community of the need. The LO community’s support by passing both propositions will ensure LOCS success for years to come.

Collective bargaining agreements, negotiated in a collaborative manner between both parties, reflect the positive relationships with staff.

Repurposing Pine Tree Elementary School to become Pine Tree Center provides a significant opportunity for many northern Oakland County children with special needs.

These stand out. While these highlight my time as superintendent, to move my tassel from the right to the left in June, I plan to work hard this final year to ensure another year of excellence.

The successes: continuous student achievement, bond projects progressing, maintaining a positive and productive culture among all staff, and providing support to all students academically, socially and emotionally.

In June, I anticipate I will “graduate,” maybe even with honors. And, maybe someone will even invite me to the Prom.

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