Local Elections — Candidates

Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education: nine candidates for four seats, four-year terms.

Candidates: Danielle Bresett, Joel Cole, Susan Elaine Flaherty, Birgit McQuiston, Misty Morris, Edwina Patterson, Amy Denise Silvester, Scott Taylor, Janice Zale.

See the Sept. 2 issue of The Review for school board candidate profiles.

Lake Orion Village Council: six candidates for four seats. Top three vote-getters get four-years terms, fourth place finisher gets a two-year term. Candidates: Michael J. Lamb, Sarah H. Luchsinger, Brad Mathisen, Jerry L. Narsh, Kenneth W. Van Portfliet, Leigh Stephen Wilson.

See the Sept. 9 issue of The Review for village council candidate profiles.

Orion Twp. Board of Trustees: six candidates for four seats, four-year terms.

Democratic trustee candidates: Cheyenne Dwyer and Eileen Nolton.

Republican trustee candidates: Brian Birney, Julia Dalrymple, Michael Flood, Jr., Kimberly Urbanowski.

See the July 15 issue of The Review for Orion Twp. trustee candidate profiles.

Candidate profiles are also available on lakeorionreview.com.

Supervisor Chris Barnett, Clerk Penny Shults and Treasurer Donni Steele are running unopposed for re-election for four-year terms.


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