Lake Orion DDA is important to the community

As a small business owner in downtown Lake Orion, I am writing to highlight the outstanding achievements of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority and to emphasize the critical importance of retaining this invaluable organization.
In recent years, the DDA has garnered a series of prestigious awards and accolades, underscoring its exceptional commitment to revitalizing and improving our community’s downtown.
These awards include Campaign for Main Street (#StrongerTogether Orion & Oxford) in 2022, Main Street Leader Ken VanPortfliet in 2022, Spirit of Main Street in 2019, Out in the Open Flint Street Alleyway in 2019 and Spirit of Main Street in 2017.
Such accolades are a testament to the DDA’s dedication to fostering a vibrant, thriving community. The DDA plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing our local economy. It has attracted new businesses, preserved the town’s historic charm and stimulated economic growth.
The DDA’s work in infrastructure improvements and beautification projects has created a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.
Moreover, the DDA has been a catalyst for community engagement. Its numerous events and programs have strengthened the social fabric of our town, making it a desirable place to live and visit.
As we move forward, we must recognize that the DDA is not just a vital force for our community but an essential asset for our continued growth and prosperity. Its awards and accolades, coupled with its tireless efforts, demonstrate its significance to our community. To sustain our town’s growth and vibrancy we must stand united in our support for the DDA and safeguard its future.
The DDA’s well-deserved recognition and impressive track record make it clear that we must keep this organization intact to ensure the continued improvement of our community. Vote no on the Nov. 7 ballot proposal which seeks to defund the DDA.

Chris Zimmel
Chris Louis Salon, Lake Orion

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