Kiesel for State Rep.

Our state and local government is in a state of despair. It’s well known that Republicans are defaming members of their own party. No wonder, it appears that candidates with the most money typically win elections and we know why. We want true and ethical leaders.
The office of the Michigan State Representatives (54th District) is a tough job and a big responsibility. Traveling to Lansing at least three times a week, researching bills and, most importantly, taking time to speak to residents.
It is a shame that some rarely show up, definitely don’t care about the long-term ramifications of their actions and are only interested in their own agenda.
Local government impacts us all. We need to vote for the candidate that will fight for our values and freedoms.
What has Donni Steele done for us lately, or ever!
1. Donni has voted to use the General Fund over the past few years.
2. Donni voted “YES” to spend $20 million for a NEW township hall.
3. Donni is a go-along to-get-along leader.
4. Donni is a career politician.
So much for fiscal responsibility from our Orion Township treasurer.
Everyone in Orion Township knows John Reilly! As the current state representative, he has done a lot for us. His voting record is transparent, he IS a proven leader and he knows a LEADER when he sees one.
That leader is Sandy Kiesel! Sandy Kiesel has my vote, hands down.
1. Sandy stands for liberty, freedom, voter integrity.
2. Sandy has been an instrumental leader of voter integrity.
3. Sandy is a fighter, quick wit, and experienced leader.
4. Sandy is a long-time Lake Orion resident.
Say NO to career politicians. Say NO to Donni Steele.

Neal Porter
Orion Twp.

Editor’s Note: Donni Steele was first elected to the Orion Twp. Board of Trustees in 2012.

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