Kiesel for State Rep.

The other day, at a local restaurant, I experienced the most heartfelt encounter in my lifetime. I fell upon a conversation with a young woman. She couldn’t have been more than 35 years of age.
She expressed her concern of the state of affairs of the federal, state and local governments. She proceeded to describe the country of which she fled. The greed, fight for power and control, and money was an integral influencer.
She further described that if we, all citizens, do not fight for our freedoms, beginning at the local level, that the USA could fall to the demise of socialism. She described the rapidness of freedoms lost, it happened very fast. By the time it’s realized, she said, it’s too late.
Fair and free elections is how this battle is won.
It is essential that “We the People” have election integrity, without this, we have already lost.
Sandy Kiesel has fought for freedoms. She is an integral part of election integrity. She has led teams that have uncovered a multitude of voter fraud. Sandy Kiesel is patriotic, passionate and persistent. She loves this country and will fight for our freedoms; our GOD GIVEN RIGHT!
Did you know that Donni Steele reduced Orion Township poll workers and also voted to have Orion Township ballots counted at an Oakland County counting center which, in my opinion, removes voter integrity for Orion Township residents!
We all remember the fiasco in Detroit at TCF in November 2020. Let’s not repeat that in Oakland County in 2022.
Do your part to help save Orion Township, the state of Michigan, and the greatest country on earth – the USA. Choose freedom!
Choose Sandy Keisel for Michigan State Representative, District 54.

Marie Monaco
Orion Twp.

Editor’s Note: Orion Township Treasurer Donnie Steele and the rest of the Orion Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to have the Oakland County Clerk’s Election Division count Orion Township’s absentee ballots in the Aug. 2 Primary Election. This was done because the clerk’s office is short-staffed. Orion Township election workers will staff all of Orion Township’s polls on election day. The Oakland County Clerk’s Elections Divisions verifies/certifies all of Orion Township’s election results.

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