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Over 93 percent are employed.
I just thought I’d remind you of the employment figures, since one is most often exposed to only the unemployment figure.
In case you need another reminder of the employed, count the cars, pickups, SUV’s, mini-vans and truck-car vehicles as you hit the roads between 6 and 9 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. everyday.
You can experience the same heavy traffic every Friday and Sunday afternoon on north-south highways.
I know, good news doesn’t sell, thus the Delphi bankruptcy, GM fears, plant closings, Wall Street and oil concerns and flu get the leads.
However, new medicines and procedures are coming out often, new housing continues strong so somebody’s working and we’re getting more miles per gallon than our daddies did.
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Twin story time. They’re 6.
#1 They went to a festival recently. Coming home, mother Susan asked Haley what ride she liked best. ‘Bumper cars!?
?’Cause I could bump into Trevor.?
#2 Haley announced, ‘Trevor has to sit in the front of the (school) bus.?
Mother: ‘Trevor, why do you have to sit in the front of the bus??
Trevor: ‘Those are special seats, Mom.?
The parents have yet to find out why Trevor was so rewarded.
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My furnace quit on a Thursday night. Naturally, repairers were all scheduled for Friday and Saturday. That weekend the temperatures ranged from 38 to 54 degrees. Two nights I slept in my sheepskin slippers, socks, undershorts, warm-up pants, heavy denim pants, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, leather vest, warm-up top, and heavy, hooded coat.
Ma’dog Shayna seemed comfortable in the same fur coat she wears every day.
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I clipped this item back in May and it just reappeared. It’s about how the Traffic Safety Authority is keeping us safe.
‘Before deploying from Savannah, Georgia, to Iraq by a chartered airliner, the troops of the 48th Brigade Combat Team, a National Guard unit, had to go
through the same security checks as any other passengers. Lt. Col. John King, the unit’s commander, told his 280 fellow soldiers that FAA anti-hijacking regulations require passengers to surrender pocket knives, nose hair clippers and cigarette lighters.
‘If you have any of those things,? he said, almost apologetically, ‘put them in this box now.?
The troops were, however, allowed to keep hold of their assault rifles, body armor, helmets, pistols, bayonets and combat shotguns.
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Health news from Bottom Line Health Magazine. Exercise your brain by reading books or study a foreign language. How about studying putts?
Exercise. Take up ballroom dancing is suggested. How about trying to scratch that spot on your back or putting on a pair of hip boots?
Eat a cup of spinach or some frozen peaches. It doesn’t say if you have to eat them frozen.
And eat cold-water fish. Halibut or salmon, but no perch, walleye or catfish.
No wonder so many people are overweight.
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Something I didn’t find in Bottom Line Health: Beer, fish and venison are the basic food group.

We’re often reminded to look at the world through rose colored glasses. We’re told to see a glass as half full, as opposed to half empty.
I suppose you’ll have more friends if you’re optimistic.
That’s all fine for the ever-smiling, unrealistic, too-joyful and the therefore boring minority.
However, I think the majority, people like me, don’t see the first robin until mid-May. But, we see the first mosquito before St. Patrick’s Day.
While I was out in the yard reflecting on spring being a great rebirth, I spotted a dandelion in full bloom. All my weed-control applications — gone. Stick that in your half-full glass.
I try to think optimistically while buying tomatoes for my bacon-tomato sandwiches. Maybe this year’s offerings of Romas, vine ripened and hot house will be as tasty as Middleton’s homegrown. But when I put them between the toasted slices with my Bacon-of-the-Month bacon the rose color in my glasses turns as rosy as the color of day-old bacon grease that’s been drained into a tin can. My rose colored glasses are then same color as my language.
Which reminds me, I haven’t reported on my every-30-day delivery lately. Last month the smoked pound came from eastern Tennessee, making it the third state in the series. It was way too salty.
This month’s came from Hampshire, Illinois. ‘This bacon is cut in thick, meaty slices that cook up quickly and hardly shrinks at all,? it says. They also say they smoke it with ‘whole logs of applewood, and they allow it to rest.?
They gotta? be kidding us! Rest bacon? At this writing I’m letting Dreymiller & Krays Applewood Smoked Bacon rest some more, maybe as long as it takes to match it with homegrown tomatoes.
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See that separation above. The hyphens and zero? It’s called a Jim Dash. Seriously! Now’s the time for another one.
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Another ‘seriously!?
Haven’t you been exposed to just about all the absorbency and enhancement products you can stand?
I’ve suggested before that perhaps I watch way too much television. It’s getting so when I see two dogs barking at each other I expect to hear, ‘Will it be the right moment for Cialis?? Or, Viagra or Enzyte? Maybe the mutts are thinking hormone balancing Avlimil.
And, way too often we hear a spokesperson mention the word (punctuation mark) that ends this sentence.
Solve absorption with Serenity! E-gad!
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The early season records of the Detroit Tigers, the red-hot, Wallaces-driven Pistons and Master’s Golf Tournament have elevated carpal tunnel and multiple thumb injuries to never seen before heights.
Like my friend Dottie Foley. She’s certainly the most avid female sports fan I know. The Tigers, Pistons and Wayne Mickelson were all on the tube one day. Channel switching Dorothea was forced to shift her clicker from her experienceed, lightning fast right hand to her slower left because of the pain.
It cost her seconds of viewing and extra time in the confessional.
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Need to add a put-down to your verbal arsenal? How about, ‘According to the theory of evolution, we’re descended from either birds or monkeys. I don’t see any feathers on you.?
‘She could even have the last word with an echo.?
‘You couldn’t warm up to him if you were cremated together.?

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