It’s Puzzle Time!

Keeping one’s sanity and senses during these troubling times in America can sometimes be difficult. Bike shops are out of two-wheelers – campers and boats and swimming pools are flying out of the stores as families forego elaborate vacations and opt for local trips in their own State. There are no sports to view and professional baseball has been relegated to sixty games. College football games have been limited to Conference play only and there may not be a season at all.

So what do we do to fill our days?

Well, for Mary and me it means working 1000 piece puzzles. Currently, we are on our seventh puzzle. Our plan is to glue the pieces together and mount the finished products on hallway walls.

Our most recent puzzle is a Charles Wysocki Christmas scene. It is by far the most difficult one we have tackled because of all the snow scenes. Normally, it takes us about a week to complete a puzzle but right now we are into our second week and it is only half finished. The completed puzzles contain lots of colors which makes it a bit easy in some cases. The finished products are beautiful.

Puzzle stores across the country have limited supplies and thus one has to search online for a favorite scene. Yes, it can be a mind numbing experience but I’m told millions of Americans are sitting down every day and working on a puzzle.

Evidently it provides us with some sense of control which we may be missing during this troubling time.

So hopefully you have found a hobby to occupy your time. For us, we go for a walk or a bike ride every day and then grab a coffee and work on a puzzle. Heinz Ketchup has a 1000 piece puzzle that is all red. Not ready for that right now. We have a grandson we works 3000 piece puzzles and we are not ready for that either!

Well, off for a bike ride. Need to keep my weight in check! But that’s a story for another issue! Stay safe!

Bill Kalmar

Orion Twp.


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