It’s not about ‘Disability’, it’s about ‘Ability’

It’s not about ‘Disability’, it’s about ‘Ability’

The Lake Orion Dragons Middle School Cheer team should be an example to all cheer teams.

These wonderful girls and coaches took my daughter, Gabby Vellucci, who has Down syndrome, and made her one of their own. They accepted my daughter on their team and treated her like anyone else. They were so compassionate and kind to her. They made her feel accepted without hesitation.

Aside from just teaching her cheers they gave her a chance to feel extraordinary and special by making her a flyer.

Their kindness and thoughtfulness isn’t ending with the sideline season — they are welcoming her on their competitive season, too.

For obvious reasons she won’t really compete, but they are making a special cheer that they can incorporate her into so she feels like one of them.

These wonderful girls and coaches will forever have a special place in our hearts and everyone should learn from them.

With all the bullying that goes on in schools, this group of girls are exceptional role models.

Proud mom,

Mary Vellucci

Lake Orion


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