Is the network priming us for Hillary Rodham?

By the time the fall-winter television season ends, the networks are already promoting the absolutely most riveting, humorous, scary, informative and heart stopping ‘must see? show for the coming fall season.
Each new show gets the same ballyhoo. Commander in Chief on ABC was hyped not only by the network, but I swear by every tv reviewer in all the oral and written media.
Yes, I was persuaded. I watched the first episode where she, the vice president, was encouraged to resign by the dying president and by the speaker of the House, who wanted to be president.
In the next episode she looked presidential in cabinet meetings, when chauvinists said ‘only men can be U.S. presidents? and when she and her husband made their resolve.
And I watched the third, and my last, episode when a daughter, so predictably that even I could have written it, had a fit when things didn’t go this teenager’s way.
Besides not being very entertaining, certainly not riveting, I’d had it with big-lipped Geena Davis. Prior to her ‘Commander? role I’d seen her in nothing and only saw her first name in crossword puzzles. Those writers love words with three vowels.
I found myself watching her mouth and not hearing the story of her becoming our first woman president.
After the third show I also heard some comments about who writes this show. Seems at least two of the writers were speech writers for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Also, though I didn’t hear it on the show, probably because of the lips, Hillary’s name has come up in the dialogues.
At this point there is no doubt in my mind that the liberal leaning Hollywood/networks are helping prepare our country for a 2008 presidential run by the Senator from New York.
Now, I’m not opposed to having a woman in the White House . . . I was hoping a few years ago that Elizabeth Dole would run. She’d get my vote.
But there is too much of Hillary’s not all splendid past that makes her an unfavorable candidate to me.
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Don’t you love bumper stickers? No, not the gun, baby on board, and I’ve been to Lookout Mountain types.
Stickers like: If you can read this, I’ve lost my trailer.
Or: If we quit voting, will they go away? Or: You, out of the gene pool, NOW! Or: Body by Nautilus, Brain By Mattel.
And, this one: Politicians and diapers: Both need to be changed and for the same reason.
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For Christmas 2004 daughter Susan enrolled me in the Bacon of the Month Club. During 2005, daughter Luan has, without the gift promise, provided me with bacon from various sources.
Sources like Costco, Kroger, Meijer and some others I’ve forgotten. The most recent offering is Kwick Krisp brand from Kroger.
This will not be an endorsement. Never in all my bacon eating days have I had bacon so irregularly cut. Thicknesses vary from see-though to extra thick. Neither of which is prime for toasted bacon-tomato sandwiches.
Oh, the taste is ok, but you know tastes begin with the presentation, which starts with spreading the irregular strips in the frying pan, then not having them all equally fried at the same time.
However, ma? dog Shayna is impartial when it comes to thickness or doneness.

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