Indian mascots are out

Indian mascots are out — animals must be next
So the National Collegiate Athletic Association, yielding to pressure of another minority group of save-the-worlders, has clamped down on colleges using Indian tribe names.
The NCAA says Central Michigan University’s Chippewas, U of Illinois Fighting Illini and Florida State’s Seminoles mascots are offensive to Native Americans.
Seventeen colleges in all will not be able to display their names or images during post-season tournaments. The NCAA controls post-season games, but not regular season events.
Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe spokesman Joseph Sowmick said, ‘Any arbitrary decision made from an outside source regarding university-tribal relations is not acceptable.?
I tuned in Frank Beckman on WJR radio to hear a lady spokesperson for the pressuring minority.
She said their concern is that giving the Utes, Chippewas, Mohicans and Pottawattomis the prominence mascots get, puts Indians in other tribes in an underdog position. She said the lesser known, on-campus Indians will be chided and picked on by the prevailing tribe.
You know, like the Seminoles will bully the Osages, Quapaws, Naidas and Maidus, like the big tough guy in grade school makes fun of the nerd.
Following the lead of these protectors of all, the NCAA has determined that CMU’s Chippewas are bullies who use other tribes? images on their dart boards, pin kick-me notes on their backs and are otherwise less than understanding people.
When was the last time you heard, read or saw a Chippewa, Seminole or Illini make the news by being cruel, threatening or chastising a member of another tribe? Never?
Apparently this protecting spokesperson has witnessed these misuses so much she has taken to the cause and is winning.
I’d like to have her expand her goals. Beckman asked her what she thought of the Jeep Cherokee name.
She said that was not relevant.
Beckman didn’t have the time to ask her if the Fighting Irish mascot for Notre Dame might be equally offensive to Finlanders and others attending the school. And, what about the Ragin? Cajuns of Louisiana?
Aw, the whole thing is nutsy!
However, PETA is bound to have been listening and will be encouraged to take their protection of animals campaign a step further.
Oxford may have to drop its Wildcat name, Lake Orion the Dragons, Clarkston Wolves and Detroit the Lions and Tigers.
We should also concentrate on protecting the birds and bees as in Davison Cardinals and Brandon Blackhawks, and Ithaca High’s Yellowjackets. I’m sure there are lots of Eagles picking away at smaller birds on campus.
Is this something we call, ‘Only in America?? Something that is protected in our Constitution? And, confirmed in our Supreme Court ? until there’s a renaming from a different White House?
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