Help guide the future of Oakland County by taking a Citizen Survey

Oakland County Executive David Coulter hopes to hear from Oakland County residents regarding their top priorities for the upcoming year.

The Oakland County Government’s Citizen Survey 2020 can be found at

The survey asks residents to rank what is important to them in terms of jobs, the economy, public health, neighborhoods, housing, roads, transportation and more.

“We began engaging Oakland County residents about what matters to them with community meet and greets,” Coulter said in a news release. “Now, we’re expanding our reach to our citizens with this survey so we can be sure we are hearing from everyone who wants to have a voice in their county government.”

The survey will remain open until Jan. 10.

Coulter’s administration will use the results to ensure the policies and strategies of the county government align with what the residents want.

“I am focused on creating opportunity for everyone in all parts of our county, launching a new economic strategy, and improving county-led health and affordable housing initiatives,” Coulter said. “I have found that my experience as a county commissioner and a mayor helps me bring together residents, businesses, and elected officials as we work together to keep moving Oakland County forward.” — M.K.


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