Grandchildren update; herald new addition

Grandson Dan Offer has made it through his first year at Michigan State U. Granddaughter Karen Offer made the Oxford High varsity golf team as a sophomore. Granddaughter Savannah Speed, 8, got her first gift from a boy — a pencil. Twins Haley and Trevor Speed, who will be five August 30, weren’t asked, but, will spend one more year in preschool to better prepare them to agitate teachers.
The above is written for Jottings readers who have said they like to read stories of grandchildren. The following is being written for those who like dog stories. (And, I warn you right now, there will be one more column about dogs next week.)
Since my wife Hazel died over three years ago, more than a few people have suggested I get a dog. Unconvinced, but willing to try, I decided I didn’t want to train a puppy.
Our accountant said she got her dog, Gunner, six years ago from K-9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford. So, I went there and Wendy gave me a tour/introduction to about 50 dogs. Three seemed to like me. I thought about it for a week. On my return, Wendy asked what breed I liked. ‘Beagle or Lab,? I said.
I came home with a 13-month-old, blue-eyed Husky, hound and shepherd, etc. mix. She loved me right away, if you can judge such things by licking and wagging.
The League, which adopted out 750 dogs last year, charges $150 for a ‘fixed,? rabies, heartworm and distemper treated dog. They recommend owners get a cage for their dog. $78. I wanted the dog to be limited in our yard. $380. She has to have a monthly heartworm treatment. Year’s supply, $113. Shayna, she was named by her previous owner in Muskegon, had to have a license, $6.75 for seniors. Then, of course, toys were recommended and food and treats.
That’s $727.75 plus for a companion I wasn’t even sure I wanted.
Shayna’s curiosity has caused me to change some of my routines. Like coming out of a shower. I dry myself in the shower stall and drop the towel on the bathroom floor to dry my feet.
The first time I went through this routine with a dog in the house, as I bent over to pick up the towel a cold, wet nose touched me where even I have a hard time reaching.
That’s exciting!
When it came time to get my tax work from our accountant, Kathy Galloway, she insisted I bring Shayna. When we entered the lobby six women awaited an intro to my dog. They fussed and cooed and Shayna turned over on her back, and the gals scratched her belly, appearing to make the dog relax, smile and twitch one hind leg.
We’ve owned a lot of dogs. Never have I scratched a dog’s belly. That’s where those feeding things are and I never wanted any of my dogs thinking sexist thoughts about me.
Shayna’s been with me two months now and friends never ask about me anymore. It’s ‘How’s Shayna??
And, I answer, ‘Expensive!?

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